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Current Price of Heating Oil in Massachusetts (December 10th, 2013)

By on Dec 12, 2013 in Heating Oil Prices | 0 comments

The average price of heating oil across Massachusetts, as reported by the MA Department of Energy Resources on 12/10/2013, is $3.91 per gallon, up $0.04 from last week, up $0.07 from the last report in November, and down $0.10 from last year. This represents the 4th week in a row that oil prices in Massachusetts have gone up. The lowest price reported across all of Massachusetts was $3.46 per gallon, while the highest price was an unbelievable $4.80 per gallon. Contact My Discount Oil today at 617-520-4328 to learn how we can help you get a low price on heating oil. Get Your Oil Price Quote Today! Please visit the Official Website of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs for the latest heating oil prices survey for...

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