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Discount Heating Oil in Massachusetts

Are you sick of paying $800, $1000, or even more to fill you home’s heating oil tank? If you’re searching for the lowest price on oil in Massachusetts – look no further! My Discount Oil was created to give price-conscience consumers like you an easy way to save money on home heating oil delivery.

Discount Delivery & Low Low Prices on Heating Oil in Massachusetts

Heating Oil Prices in Massachusetts

You may have seen this chart on the price of oil in Massachusetts from the MA Department of Energy Resources and wondered, “How can I get that “Low” price on heating oil for my home?”


My Discount Oil Has the Answer for Low Oil Prices!

Learn how to save money the next time you fill your oil tank.

In addition to basic supply and demand considerations, there are three factors that drive the price of heating oil delivery in Massachusetts.

  1. Global Pricing: The production, distribution and consumption of home heating oil is directly related to the price of crude oil on the international commodities exchange, making it the largest factor driving the price of heating oil around the world.
  2. Distribution Costs: Transportation costs are the second largest factor influencing local heating oil pricing, and are made up of two components. A) Bulk delivery from the refinery to a local oil storage facility (aka “bulk plant”). B) Final delivery from the bulk plant to your home’s oil tank. The distance of your local Oil Company’s bulk plant from the refinery, in addition to the distance of your home from the bulk plant are important factors to consider when selecting your local Oil Delivery company.
  3. Convenience Costs: When you wait until your tank is empty to call for an oil delivery, you end up paying a premium on the price of oil because your local company has to send a driver on an unscheduled trip, and even more if it is off-hours.

So How Does My Discount Oil Work?

The competition on local heating oil prices is fierce and margins are thin, but My Discount Oil has found a way to save you money!

  • Be Proactive: By scheduling your oil delivery up-to 10 days before you anticipate your tank being empty, we are able to coordinate a more efficient delivery process by planning all of the oil deliveries in an area along a route.
  • Save on Distribution: We drive fewer miles to deliver more oil, which makes us happy to offer you some of the lowest prices on oil in Massachusetts.
  • Local Bulk Plant & Delivery Network: We have a supply agreement with one of the largest oil storage facilities (aka an “oil bulk plant”) in the Boston, MA metro-west area and have a network of reliable delivery companies and drivers that assures our customers uninterrupted heating oil deliveries even in the most extreme New England winters.

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Service You Can Trust

Our delivery team is hand-picked from leading full service companies in the area, and all are fully licensed and must meet our strict standards. We want you to feel good about our team! The drivers are fully trained and fully licensed to operate our oil trucks, which is a responsibility we take very seriously. We ensure that the meters are sealed and inspected every season to ensure that every gallon is accurately delivered. We never take short cuts, and our customers can rest assured that our delivery team is one of the best in the industry.