Question: What Is The Purpose Of The Fuel Oil System?

How does a fuel oil system work?

When your oil burner is engaged, heating oil travels from the tank to the burner by way of a pump where it becomes a fine mist mixed with air. The fuel/air mixture is then injected into the burner where it is ignited in the combustion chamber.

Why do we need the fuel oil piping system flow meter?

A flow meter is fitted into the system to indicate fuel consumption. Booster pumps are used to pump the oil through heaters and a viscosity regulator to the engine-driven fuel pumps. The fuel pumps will discharge high-pressure fuel to their respective injectors.

What is the purpose of mixing tank in fuel oil system?

The mixing tank is used to collect recirculated oil and also acts as a buffer or reserve tank as it will supply fuel when the daily service tank is empty.

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What is fuel oil purification system?

Fuel oil centrifuging. Both fuel oils and lubricating oils require treatment before passing to the engine. This will involve storage and heating to allow separation of water present, coarse and fine filtering to remove solid particles and also centrifuging.

What must be included in the fuel oil system?

– Fuel oil supply system – This system supplies the fuel from the service tank to the diesel engine. The system consists of: a supply flow meter, supply pumps, circulating pumps, preheaters, the final filter, a viscosity controller, a FO venting box.

What are the types of fuel oil?

Fuel oils may be generally classified into two main types: distillate fuel oils and residual fuel oils.

What is the difference between heavy fuel oil and diesel?

Unlike heavy fuel oil (HFO), marine diesel oil does not have to be heated during storage. Marine diesel oil is sometimes also used synonymously with the term “intermediate fuel oil” (IFO). In the strict sense, the term marine diesel oil mainly refers to blends with a very small proportion of heavy fuel oil.

What is the function of fuel system in the ship diesel engine?

The function of the fuel injection system is to provide the right amount of fuel at the right moment and in a suitable condition for the combustion process. There must therefore be some form of measured fuel supply, a means of timing the delivery and the atomisation of the fuel.

What component in the fuel oil system do the separation of sludge and water in the fuel oil takes place?

The bowl discs Separation of impurities and water from the oil takes place between these discs. A series of aligned holes near the outside edge permits entry of the dirty oil. The action of centrifugal force causes the lighter components (the clean oil) to flow inwards and the water and impurities flow outwards.

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What methods of heavy fuel oil is the first stage in cleaning fuel oil?

The settling tank is the first step in fuel treatment process. Water and sediments can be separated by gravity and drained off at the bottom of the tank. Effective cleaning of residual fuels can only be ensured by centrifuges: a clarifier to separate particles and/or a purifier to separate water.

What cycle does a diesel engine work?

Diesel combustion. The diesel engine is an intermittent-combustion piston-cylinder device. It operates on either a two-stroke or four-stroke cycle (see figure); however, unlike the spark-ignition gasoline engine, the diesel engine induces only air into the combustion chamber on its intake stroke.

Why back pressure is maintained in purifier?

Back Pressure: The back pressure should be adjusted after the purifier is started. The back pressure varies as the temperature, density, viscosity of feed oil inlet varies. The back pressure ensures that the oil paring disc is immersed in the clean oil on the way of pumping to the clean oil tank.

What is difference between purifier and clarifier?

The key difference between purifier and clarifier is that the purifier consists of a dam ring to create a line of separation between fuel and water whereas the clarifier consists of a sealing ring to prevent the fuel tank from water and dissolved impurities.

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