Quick Answer: How Do Theives Steal Your Fuel Oil?

Do people steal heating oil?

Heating oil theft most often targets tanks that are easy to get into and oil that is easy to access. If you don’t, you might become a victim of theft without even knowing it. Monitor your tank closely for large drops that would indicate foul play.

How can I stop my oil from being stolen?

5 Tips to Protect Against Home Heating Oil Theft

  1. Tank locks. One of the easiest ways to secure your heating oil tank is to fit a lock on to the opening of the tank.
  2. Tank alarms. Some electronic oil level gauges can be linked to an alarm inside your home.
  3. Security lighting.
  4. Check your insurance.
  5. Keep your tank hidden.

How do I protect my Thieves oil tank?

How to secure your oil tank

  1. Location of your oil tank.
  2. Invest in quality padlocks.
  3. Hide your oil – Consider camouflage.
  4. Fit oil level gauges and tank alarms.
  5. Security lighting.
  6. Make some noise with gravel.
  7. Walls and fencing.
  8. CCTV.

How can you prevent diesel theft?

5 Ways to Prevent Fuel Theft

  1. Educate your drivers.
  2. Estimate the usage of Fuel by setting up benchmarks.
  3. Fit Vehicles with Anti-Siphoning or Fuel Monitoring Devices.
  4. Defensive Parking.
  5. Security Cameras in the vehicle.
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How do they steal heating oil?

In order to steal heating oil, thieves will usually decant, syphon or pump oil from your tank into other containers. This was the case for victims in Hambleton, North Yorkshire, where £250 worth of heating oil was drained from their tank in May 2020.

How can we prevent oil theft in Nigeria?

Recommendations for civil society: Hold pipeline surveillance contractors accountable for oil theft. Advocate for transparency and open data to the public from NNPC. Inform citizens about the bad effects of crude oil theft on their communities and environment.

How do I track fuel theft?

Monitoring Fuel Purchases: Fuel sensors on board in every vehicle can indicate when, where and how much fuel was filled in the tank. Additionally, integrating Fuel card purchase records with GPS tracking can show if the vehicle was indeed present in the immediate vicinity when the transaction took place.

Why do people steal fuel?

A common theft practice is to misuse the company car for non-business related reasons, resulting in long term loss for the company. Fuel theft by your employees’ results in lower profits for the company, which forces you to spend more money to cover the rising fuel costs.

How do you check for fuel theft?

Fuel theft detection systems: how is fuel actually being stolen?

  1. Declaring incorrect fuel consumption.
  2. Fuel pumped out of the tank.
  3. Odometer tampering.
  4. Fuel not totally filled to the tank.

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