Quick Answer: How Many Oil Refineries Per Fuel Generator?

What can I use for satisfactory fuel?

Fuel can be used to generate power or packaged to be used as fuel for Vehicles or the Jetpack.

What is the best power source in satisfactory?

The Biomass Burner is your first introduction to how electricity and machinery function in the game. It’s still the absolute favorite power generator in Satisfactory and its low cost for crafting (15 Iron Plates, 15 Iron Bars, and 25 Copper Cables) means it’s quick and simple to build.

Can you automate fuel in satisfactory?

Biomass Power can be semi-automated by automating the crafting of Biomass or Solid Biofuel, while the collection of Leaves or Woods and the refueling of Biomass Burners must be done manually.

How do I get more power in satisfactory?

As you progress in the game, you will be able to build standalone Biomass generators which will increase your power production and effective ways of supplying electricity i.e using Coal. There are several types of generators that you can build for producing electricity in Satisfactory.

How do you get fuel out of refinery satisfactory?

To handle solid byproducts: Connect the Conveyor to an AWESOME Sink via a Smart Splitter with an ‘Overflow’ rule. To handle fluid byproducts: Connect the Pipeline with a pipe overflow mechanism, then package the fluid with Empty Canisters. The packaged fluid can then be sent to the AWESOME Sink.

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Is Solid biofuel better than biomass satisfactory?

Stack energy Solid Biofuel is a fuel item produced from Biomass. It is used to fuel the Biomass Burner, vehicles, and the Chainsaw, and is the most energy-efficient form of solid biomass power, only beaten by Liquid Biofuel, which is unlocked much later in the game.

Is turbo fuel efficient satisfactory?

Fuel vs Turbofuel Efficiency This makes Fuel 75% as efficient as Turbofuel, at the cost of Sulfur. Using the same recipes as before, the TurboFuel is made from 45m3/min Crude Oil and 30 Sulfur/min while the Fuel is made from 60m3/min Crude Oil.

How is coal used as a fuel in satisfactory?

Coal is a common early-game resource found in the world which is used for advanced smelting or power generation. It can power Coal Generators and vehicles. It burns for four seconds in a Coal Generator.

How do I start satisfactory?

Tips for start – Hard Beginning in Satisfactory Satisfactory Guide And Tips

  1. Heal yourself using nuts and pale berries. You can find them in abundance in every region of the planet.
  2. Gather leaves and wood.
  3. Focus on producing iron, copper, and stone and products based on them.

Where are the power slugs in satisfactory?

Finding Power Slugs is quite simple, as you will be able to use your scanner to track them down when you have upgraded your factory to the point of them being a relevant resource. All you need to do is hold the V button, select Power Slugs, and the scanner will send out a ping for 250 meters in every direction.

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